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Nanas Preschool and Learning Center

Testimonials: Satisfied Client Reviews

"Love love love Nana's Daycare. My son is 3, non-verbal and ASD. He loves to be outside and play in the water. The other kids are great with him. Crafts daily. Pictures, notes and updates available during the day. Other services provided help this tired single momma! We'll be with Ms. Amanda as long as we can"

Kari Keith

"Amanda is great. When my daughter looks at her and grins first thing in the morning when Amanda is taking her out of her car seat, I know she's happy there. Also close to home, does part time, and is affordable!"

April Burnes

"I was very nervous about taking my daughter to daycare for the first time. Amanda and her staff made my daughter and I feel very welcomed. Now, just a few short months later, my daughter is just one of the "gang." Amanda respects my parenting decisions and is very flexible and accommodating. I had a hard time finding a place that was flexible with breastfed children over one and Amanda has been super supportive! As a first time mom, I know I can be a worry wart but Amanda keeps in constant contact and is always happy to give me updates. My daughter enjoys playing with all of the children and actually looks forward to daycare!"

Gina Marie

"Two thumbs way up! Amanda and her assistants are great. The amount of patience, true fun, and love that is observed is indescribable. My son loves her like family and is very comfortable with her and the other children. She has a genuine love, care, and understanding for children of all ages. She's certified, licensed, educated, and extremely affordable. It doesn't get much better than that. I was very skeptical of daycares in general due to my field of work (I literally trust NO ONE) but Amanda opened my eyes to a world I was super nervous about. She provides updates during the day as well as pictures so you are just a text away from seeing your precious little one and how they're doing. If your kid doesn't go to Nana's, he/she needs to be!"

JayPee Sternberg

"My granddaughter absolutely loves Miss Amanda and her staff. We never worry about what could be happening there. We know that She is happy, safe, and most of all Loved!! The kids are in a great environment to learn and play. The time they get to spend outside and the amount of things for them to do while they are outside is amazing as well. The projects they do are always so cute too. You won't have to worry about your child sitting in front of the television while they are at Nana's."

Michelle Green

"Love this place!! So does my daughter!! Everyone is so friendly and does a great job with the children."

Amber Grusczch

"Great daycare, my daughter loves it there. I love all the outside play and communication with Amanda. I never have to wonder if my daughter is safe and having fun at daycare or not."

Anthony Romano

"We love Nana's for little one! While we have only been taking our infant to Nana's for about 6 weeks now, we have been very happy with his development we have seen with him and he comes home happy each night. She provides a fun and caring environment with lots of opportunity for the kids to be outside and learn. She believes in spending time outside and playing vs being inside and relying electronics and tv time like other places I visited and interviewed."

Tracy Matt

"I absolutely love Nanas daycare! Amanda has watched my little girl sense she was 3 months old and if I ask my daughter if she wants to go see miss Amanda and her friends at daycare she gets super excited and yells yes. That's the reassurance that all parents need! Amanda also teaches them so much and does projects with them"

Kaitlynn Sterkowitz

"Amanda is great! I was so nervous to leave my little guy there at 3 months old, but she made me so comfortable! Whenever I pick him up, the kids seem to be having a lot of fun!"

Jessica Gerner

"My little guy loves going to "banana's (Amanda's) house" ... He could never say it right and it has kinda stuck. Many times he cries leaving cause he has sooooo much fun. She's great!! Kids can really be outside kids here like they should be."

Kelly Strayer

"We LOVED Nana's Day Care! My son was SO shy when he started going there, and some days, he would cry because he didn't want to leave. He loved playing and learning there! We were sad to move away and have to leave this wonderful place he loved."

Alaina Hagenseker

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